About Us

Want to pay with crypto? Use BASID

BASID provides a cryptocurrency payment solution for digital applications and decentralized apps (DApps). It is designed for applications that offer services such as food delivery, transportation booking, accommodation renting, travel booking, and online shopping.

App developers that integrate the BASID API to their platforms can enjoy easy online payments with lesser transaction costs, and with no hidden charges. Discover the power of blockchain technology for fast peer-to-peer payments with BASID.

Our Purpose

BASID Mission

Facilitate a Way for Crypto Payments

BASID will provide a cryptocurrency payment gateway that is easy for developers to integrate on
mobile applications and e-commerce websites.

Provide Blockchain in the Digital Economy

BASID encourages digital businesses to take advantage of blockchain technology to allow secure and
encrypted payment transactions.

Expand the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

By tapping into the mobile apps market, new platforms will be introduced for consumers who want to spend their cryptocurrencies.

Technical Process

What We Offer


Our cutting-edge technology and payment-centered products are designed for innovation, security, accessibility, and usability. BASID clients and users can make use of cryptocurrencies for business transactions, specifically e-commerce. As we aim to facilitate crypto payments without any hassle, we intend to be the finest and cheapest crypto payment gateway in the market.

Easy Payment Gateway (API)

The BASID Payment Gateway is a service that allows digital businesses to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. The API is open-source and offers developers with minimal knowledge of blockchain a simple integration process of this payment system.

Secure Merchant Wallet

The Merchant Wallet serves as the secure storage for all crypto payment transactions made via BASID. Complementary to the API, merchants can receive and store crypto payments here from their application or website. It can also work as a stand-alone wallet.

Free Website Plugin

The BASID Website Plugin is an open-source extension of the API. This unique plugin can work harmoniously with e-commerce development platforms. Developers can leverage BASID plugin to easily integrate crypto payments on their website's checkout page.

User-Friendly Account Portal

BASID provides a back-end gateway for merchants to operate and maintain their crypto assets and monitor their transactions. The portal's primary objective is to present all the orders and the accumulated cryptocurrency value stored on the Merchant Wallet.

Valuable BASID Tokens

BASID is an ERC20 token. It is the native token of the BASID platform, with 10 billion in total supply. These tokens can be utilized as payment for online purchases, payment for transaction fees, and tokenized rewards within the platform. Moreover, BASID holders can use it for crypto trading.


What We Aim to Become

As BASID provides an innovative payment gateway for merchants and users, we foresee better online payments based on blockchain implementation and consistent results.

Powerful Fintech Solutions Provider

BASID will be known in the cryptocurrency industry as a provider of superior fintech solutions.

Community of Businesses and Clients

Businesses and their customers will be connected to a global community with the help of technology.

Facilitator of Decentralized Payments

BASID will facilitate decentralized peer-to-peer payments for both
fiat money and cryptocurrency.

Secure Platform for Fiat and Crypto

With the use of blockchain technology, BASID ensures immunity against hacks and double-spending.

Enabler of Seamless Transactions

BASID API enables seamless online transactions, ensuring fast processing of orders from customers.

Gateway for Crypto and Fiat Assets

With the BASID Payment Gateway, users can enjoy a wide array of fiat and cryptocurrencies to use.


Our Company Road Map

Look at the innovative journey behind BASID’s goal of providing the best cryptocurrency payment gateway to our clients.

Team Members


Our project has been carefully planned and executed, with their leadership and expertise.


Yernat Kemaliev


Yernat is a reputable entrepreneur with more than 5 years of experience in leading fintech companies. As the BASID CEO, he is the brain behind the concept. He is also a crypto-enthusiast with proven expertise in economics and payment gateways' networks.


Nursultan Yedinov


Nursultan has an entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to succeed in fast-paced environments. With over
8 years of experience in IT, he has proven expertise in leading user research and usability testing, metrics analysis, as well as handling IT teams.

Meet Our Team

Developers, marketers, and payment enthusiasts all came together for one goal.


Priyadharsan M


Priyadharsan has a strong software background of more than 5 years. He is a blockchain developer experienced in large codebases and P2P networks. He masters C++ and Java programming languages, being also proficient in common algorithms and data structures.


Nikolay Kim


Nikolay is an expert developer in integrating blockchain technology into applications. His expertise lies in smart contract implementation. With 4 years of professional experience, he has polished his skills in Python, PHP, C++ and Javascript.


Satheesh Kumar

Software Developer

Satheesh has delved into blockchain platforms and solutions for the past 3 years. He is an expert in computer networking and data structures, making him responsible for setting up BASID's network security to protect against cybersecurity issues.


Kirubakaran Sakthivel


Kirubakaran works closely alongside other developers to analyze the needs and resources needed to build BASID's architecture features. He has a strong knowledge of node.js, Python, STL, smart contracts, cryptography and data structures.


Vimal Raj N


Vimal is an excellent software developer and programmer that specializes in blockchain infrastructure, systems, and designs. He has strong analytical capabilities and extensive experience in cryptography, data protocols, C++ and Python.


Leo Michael Roxas

Blockchain Developer

Leo is a talented blockchain developer with over 3 years of professional background in handling blockchain infrastructure, data algorithms, and cybersecurity protocols. He has extensive hands-on experience using Python, Solidarity, and Nodejs languages.


Bakrudeen Abdul


Bakrudeen is an experienced blockchain developer with 3 years of experience in blockchain. He is involved in many aspects of development in BASID including cryptography, data protocols, C++, Javascript, and Python. He is also very proficient in Solidity.


John Ivan Estrella

Marketing Specialist

John is a professional marketer in charge of the overall promotion of BASID services online. With 3 years of experience in a digital marketing agency, he now facilitates all content and social media marketing campaigns from planning to execution.


Lyndon Ros Barcheta

Marketing Specialist

Lyndon is a versatile junior marketing staff gifted with a visual eye for design. He handles the creation of all marketing collaterals including graphic design, video production, and email templates. He is knowledgeable in using the Adobe creative suite.


Kamilla Amirgaliyeva

UI/UX designer

Kamilla is a creative UI/UX designer with 2 years of experience as a Software Designer in Philip Morris International. She studied and graduated from
Kazakh-British Technical University. She works in developing UI and UX designs for the BASID team.


Alexandra Malikova

Finance Specialist

Alexandra is a Finance Specialist for BASID. She developed cost-effective products and analyzed risks for various organizations in the past. She looks into financial analysis methods, creates mathematical tools and improves investment instruments.


Imagine how convenient life will be if you can pay for your online purchases using cryptocurrencies. We at BASID will make this dream into a reality. Read this official document to know how we are capable to do this.

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